Atelier de Reflexions avec les fondations CSR privées 21 et 22 février 2018

La National CSR Foundation a eu des consultations avec une quarantaine de Fondations CSR privées.

Ces consultations permettront a la NCSRF et a ses partenaires de trouver une meilleure collaboration afin de mieux cerner les besoins de ses bénéficaires.

Budget 2019-2020

Budget 2019-2020 provides for a number of measures with regards to the National CSR Foundation as follows.

  • The Foundation will be transformed into a National Social Inclusion Foundation to strengthen its role as a key Government agency in the fight against poverty and social exclusion and to further consolidate its support to NGOs to the benefit of poor and vulnerable groups.
  • The Foundation will devise National Programmes for more impactful actions on poverty alleviation. Special attention will be given to education as means of combating child poverty. The Foundation will thus, in the first instance, propose National Programmes for crèches/nursery and educational support to vulnerable children at primary and secondary level.
  • In order to better support vulnerable children and improve their educational performance, 50 primary schools in poverty areas will be converted into Fortified Learning Environment Schools and specialised educational support will be provided to students in the Extended Programme. Rs80 million has been earmarked for this initiative which will be implemented with the support of NGOs.
  • The grant-in-aid is being increased by 10 percent and the grant paid for the maintenance of buildings of Residential Care Homes eligible under the Social Aid Act is being doubled.
  • The Foundation will undertake a classification of NGOs to improve and better tailor its funding support to different types of NGOs. It will help to maximise the role and effectiveness of NGOs. Concepts of community based NGOs and NGO d’Utilité Publique will be introduced.

Change of Name and New Charter

In the 2019-2020 Budget a measure was announced to the effect that the National CSR Foundation would be transformed into a National Social Inclusion Foundation with a new Charter.

We are pleased to inform all our stakeholders that the Foundation has now been officially renamed as the National Social Inclusion Foundation.

In future, all correspondences should be addressed to:

National Social Inclusion Foundation
Level 6, Garden Tower
Port Louis

The Secretariat of the Foundation may be contacted on 4055152 or 4055169.

The Foundation is working on a new brand identity and website which will be launched in due course.

The new Charter of the National Social Inclusion Foundation can be downloaded below.

Disbursement Updates May 2018

The NCSR Foundation disburses funds to organisations for approved projects in a maximum of 3 instalments. The first disbursement is made after signature of the Contract of Agreement while the second and third disbursements are conditional upon satisfactory monitoring, compliance to the Contract Agreement and submission of required information and documents. The Foundations has disbursed Rs 127,200,106 as at 17 May 2018, representing 63 percent of the total amount approved.

Flag Raising Ceremony at Oasis de Paix

Hon. Alain WONG, M.S.K., Minister of Social Integration and Economic Empowerment was present at Ecole Pere Henri Souchon – Oasis de Paix, Pointe aux Sables to celebrate the 51st anniversary of
Independence and the 27th anniversary of the Republic of Mauritius.

The Flag raising ceremony was held on Monday 11 March 2019 at 10 a.m. in the presence of Mr Amedee Poupard, President and Mrs Monique Leung, Director of Oasis de Paix together with staff
members and students of Ecole Pere Henri Souchon.

Oasis de Paix is an NGO founded by late Father Henri Souchon and Mrs Monique Leung in February 2006.

Ecole Pere Henri Souchon which is run by the organisation has a student population of 185 boys and girls aged between 9 to 17 years old. They come mostly from poor and vulnerable families living in the surrounding areas of the capital and from regions as far as Camp Levieux, Ste Hilaire and St Hubert.

The programmes of Oasis de Paix are supported by the National CSR Foundation. Funds amounting to Rs 3 million and Rs 5.9 million have been approved under the General Call for Proposals in 2017
and 2018 respectively.

Lancement Officiel du rapport sur le premier appel a projets 2017

Lancement Officiel le lundi 13 novembre du rapport sur le premier appel a projets 2017, du bilan de l’annee financière 2016-2017 et un troisieme document concernant le plan strategique de la fondation intitulé “Towards a New CSR Framework for Collective Action on Social Inclusion and Equity”.

Launching of the General Call for Proposal 2018

Hon.Alain Wong, Minister of Social Integration and Economic Empowerment proceeded to the launching of the General Call for Proposals 2018 and the Release of the Monitoring Report on Thursday 19th July 2018 at Sir Harilal Vaghjee Hall, National Assembly, Port-Louis.

Some 250 NGOs attended this function.

Meetings with NGOs under Government Grants

The National CSR Foundation held meetings with NGOs receiving Government grants which, since January 2019, are being disbursed by the Foundation.

The main objective of the meeting was to discuss the harmonisation of the allocation, disbursements and monitoring of grant funding with the funding framework of the National CSR Foundation.

Some 80 representatives from 60 NGOs previously receiving grants from different ministries attended the meetings scheduled as follows.

MinistrySectorDate of Meeting
Ministry of Health and Quality
of Life
Substance abuse and promotion of healthWednesday 26 June
Ministry of Gender equality, Child Development and Family WelfareResidential care institutions for children and womenThursday 4 July
Ministry of Social Security and National SolidarityResidential care homes for the elderlyThursday 11 July

MoU with the University of Mauritius

Mr Medavy Munien-Pillay, Chairperson of the National CSR Foundation and Prof. Dhanjay Jhurry CSK, GOSK, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Mauritius signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two institutions on Monday 18 March 2019. The signing ceremony was held at the Council and Senate Room of the University. Three collaborative research projects have been initiated under the MoU as follows:

  • Impact Evaluation of Programmes/Projects Funded by the National CSR Foundation
  • Capacity Assessment and Training Needs Analysis of the NGO Sector
  • A Study on Early Childhood Care Services at the Community Level


The Council members and the staff of the National CSR Foundation participated in a “Retreat” on Thursday 26 April 2018 at CoWorking, st Georges st, Port-Louis.

The objectives were to:

  1. make an overview of the first call for project proposals of the foundation; and
  2. discuss on a new funding framework for the foundation.

Reunion consultatives avec les ONG dans le cadre du plan stratégique 2017-2019 de la fondation

Plus d une centaine d ONG ont répondus présents lors de ces ateliers de réflexions.
Ces réflexions permettront a la NCSR Foundation et a ses partenaires de trouver une meilleure entente afin de mieux cerner les besoins des bénéficaires.

Signature of Funding Contract Agreements

The National CSR Foundation has started the process of signature of Funding Contract Agreements (FCA) for proposals approved under the General for Proposals 2018.

As at 20 December 2018, 55 NGOs had signed Funding Contract Agreements in respect of 73 proposals approved for a total amount of Rs65.2 million.

A first disbursement amounting to Rs32.6 million, i.e. half of the amount approved, has been made to the organisations concerned.

List of signed FCAs – 20Dec2018

Stakeholder Workshop on the Strategic Plan and Funding Strategy of the National CSR Foundation

Stakeholder Workshop on the Strategic Plan and Funding Strategy of the National CSR Foundation

Workshop held at Voila Bagatelle to validate the National CSR Foundation’s Strategic Plan 2017-2019 and discuss its proposed funding strategy and a framework for action on social inclusion in view of its second call for proposals.

Workshop on Promoting Ethical Practices

The National CSR Foundation participated in a workshop themed ‘Promoting Ethical Practices by Managing Committees of NGOs working for Children’ organised by ICAC and the Ombudsperson for Children’s Office on Tuesday 30 April 2019.

The event, held at ICAC Headquarters, Reduit, brought together around 100 representatives of NGOs working with children for exchanges on governance and ethical practices in NGOs. The programme included presentations by ICAC, the Ombudsperson for Children and the National CSR Foundation.

Addressing the audience during the opening ceremony, Mr Medavy Munien, Chairperson of the National CSR Foundation, stressed the importance of working together in partnership with all stakeholders to build governance capacity in the NGO sector. He laid emphasis on key aspects of good governance, namely, responsibility, transparency, integrity and trust.