Expanding Access to Early Childhood Care at the Community Level


Background and Objectives

Children from low income families often find themselves trapped in a cycle of intergenerational poverty. They tend to lag behind their peers even in their early years.

Evidence indicates that countries spending more on child care have the greatest success in tackling child poverty. Early childhood care services improve school readiness and performance and has long term benefits for the cognitive and social development of children. It also enables poor families, especially single female-heads of household to enter the labour market, thereby contributing to important social and economic benefits.

However, children from low income families living in deprived regions may have limited access to quality early child care. There are around 3000 children aged 0-3 years living in poor households registered under the Social Register of Mauritius.

In this regard, the National CSR Foundation is inviting proposals from qualifying NGOs through a Special Call for Proposals under the theme “Expanding Access to Early Childhood Care at the Community Level” with the following objectives:

  • To enhance access of children from low income families to early childhood care at the community level as a means of tackling child poverty
  • To support the improvement of quality and outcomes of early childhood care services provided by NGOs at the community level
  • To promote holistic and innovative pedagogical approaches to early childhood care.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Call for Proposals is open to NGOs/NPOs registered with the National CSR Foundation and having the necessary experience and capabilities (including human resources, pedagogical and community development capabilities) in the delivery of community-based early child care services, as evidenced by at least 2 years successful track record in the early childhood sector
  • Collaborative partnerships of NGOs/NPOs are eligible to apply provided the lead applicant is a registered organisation with the National CSR Foundation. The lead organisation will bear accountability for the stewardship of funds awarded by the National CSR Foundation
  • Funding shall be considered for the provision or facilitation of access to community-based early child care, development and educational services, in accordance with the ‘Institutions for Welfare and Protection of Children (Regulations 2000) under the Child Protection Act’
  • Proposals combining activity components aiming at the promotion of parental support, empowerment, involvement and responsibility are strongly encouraged.

Financial Allocation and Assessment

No maximum threshold is set for the amount of funding to be allocated per applicant. The Foundation may, however, impose a ceiling of funds to be awarded depending on the number of applications retained and the availability of funds.

Awards of funds will be subject to an assessment exercise as per the guidelines and assessment criteria of the National CSR Foundation and shall include a thorough due diligence process, detailed analysis of budget, in-depth interviews and discussions with applicants and field assessments.


Any expenditure not directly associated with a proposed intervention will not be eligible for funding. Other exclusions include:

  • Expenditures incurred prior to the date of signature of a Funding Contract Agreement with the National CSR Foundation
  • Items used by an organisation from its existing stock
  • Participation to conferences and workshops overseas
  • Construction of buildings
  • Purchase of vehicles


Target beneficiaries should be children aged 3 months to 3 years old from families under the Social Register of Mauritius (SRM) and from vulnerable groups.


Deadline for submission is Friday 10 May 2019 at 15:00 hrs

  • The National CSR Foundation invites applications for funding from eligible organisations under its Funding Instrument: Partnering with Non-Government Service Providers
  • Applications should be made on the prescribed Application Pack downloadable below.
  • All applications must be submitted by email on the following address [email protected]
  • Late and/or incomplete applications and applications not submitted on the prescribed Application Pack will not be considered
  • The final outcome is expected to be communicated to applicants within one month of the closing date.

Information and Guidance

For any further information and guidance, please contact the National CSR Foundation Help Desk at  [email protected] or 4055152/4055169.


  1. Special Call for Proposals Early Childhood – Communique
  2. Application Pack
  3. Policy and Guidelines on Funding
  4. Guidelines for Assessment of Proposals and Award of Funding
  5. SRM Main Localities
  6. Institutions for Welfare and Protection of Children (Regulations 2000) under the Child Protection Act