Mr Medavy Pillay (Menon) MUNIEN

Menon Munien a fait carrière dans l’éducation. Enseignant de physique, il a tour à tour était Dean of Studies, Deputy Rector, Principal et Recteur. Il est aujourd’hui Project Manager responsable des écoles ZEP au Ministère de l’Education. Il est aussi Chairperson du National CSR Foundation. Menon Munien est connu pour l’encadrement des jeunes. Il a été l’organisateur du Jump Around Youth Concert dans les années 90 et a travaillé sous l’égide du Ministère de la Jeunesse et des Sports.

Mr Asraf Caunhye

Holder of a BSc (Hons) in Industrial Engineering, Asraf CAUNHYE has worked extensively in the textile sector in high responsible posts. He was also Director of the Mauritius Standards Bureau from 2000 to 2006 and is currently President of the Haemophilia Association of Mauritius and Vice President of the Mauritius Council of Social Services (MACOSS).

Mrs Audrey dhotman de Villiers

Audrey d’Hotman de Villiers-Desjardins has a Masters in Clinical Social Work from Boston College, USA. She is specialized in human relationships and has managed several NGO projects and institutions in the fields of Education, Psychology, HIV/AIDS, Drug Addiction & others. In the last decade, she has been running the Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability program of the Rogers Group of Companies. She has a wide range of interests and is currently serving on several boards of organization namely Lovebridge, National CSR and the Business Mauritius Foundations.

Mr Geerish Bucktowonsing

Geerish Bucktowonsing is engaged actively with a number of Civil Society Organisations. He is a staunch promoter of the development of a Civic Sector where NGOs can play an even more strategic role in addressing the difficulties arising out of the limitations of both market and welfare systems. He has occupied a number of key positions namely: Chairperson of MACOSS, Director National Empowerment Foundation, President of Rotary Club of Beau Bassin Rose Hill, Vice President Mauritius Council of Youth Leaders, Secretary General of Port Louis Youth Federation. He is known for his commitment, passion and tenacity and is always keen to contribute in building a more just, peaceful and sustainable society. He holds qualifications in Engineering and Marketing & is graduate of MBA from Edinburgh Business School. He is currently working as Divisional Manager at the Economic Development Board Mauritius.

Mr Jonathan Ravat

With a Certificate in Peace & Interfaith Studies, a BA (Hons) Law & Management and a PhD in anthropology of religion, from University of Mauritius, where he served as President of the Students’ Union (2003-2004), together with numerous training sessions in the social and religious fields locally and abroad (USA, Russia, African continent, France, Australia), Dr. Jacques Jonathan Ravat, O.S.K., is Head of Social Studies at Institut Cardinal Jean Margéot. Born on 1st March 1981, he is involved in social service since the 2nd May 1998, dealing currently with poverty alleviation, community development, social entrepreneurship, support to children with disabilities, and rehabilitation against substance abuse.

Mrs Martine Hennequin

Martine Hennequin is a qualified clinical psychologist. She holds a Master’s degree in clinical psychology and mental health (Paris, France) and the European Certificate of Psychotherapy. She has worked in prison settings with female and male offenders and has been actively engaged in the social sector. In 2013 she completed the Humphrey Fellowship Program (Virginia Commonwealth University) in the field of prevention of substance use and addiction policy and conducted with the collaboration of the Mauritius Research Council, a small community needs assessment study. Her goal is to design programs for underserved neighbourhoods of Mauritius to prevent substance use and crime, and reduce poverty. She started a community development program at Fondation Joseph Lagesse in 2016 where she is now the current manager.

Mr J. Mohamadally MOWNAH

Mr J. Mohamadally MOWNAH is Lead Analyst at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. He looks into budgetary issues relating to poverty, social protection and economic empowerment of vulnerable groups. He is also a Board Member of the National Empowerment Foundation.

Mrs Jeanne Lan Hing Po

Joined the Public Service in March 1988. Posted as Assistant Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Arts and Culture, Ministry of Tourism, Leisure and External Communications, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and Ministry of Social Integration and Economic Empowerment. Promoted to Deputy Permanent Secretary as from January 2013 and presently posted at the Ministry of Social Integration and Economic Empowerment.

Mr Thakoorparsad BHOYROO

Mr T.Bhoyroo joined the Public Service in August 1973. Posted as cadet at the Ministry of Social Security from May 1974 to September 1975. Promoted to Commissioner, Social Security as from May 2018 at the Ministry of Social Security. Presently posted at the Ministry of Social Security as Commissioner. He is also a Board Member of the:
• National Savings Fund Technical Committee
• Prime Minister’s Relief Fund
• Small Farmers Welfare Fund
• National Pensions Board